WINTER 2020-21

All voyages sold out for the winter, next opportunity to sail with us when we come back from the Caribbean!

Port Dates
Penzance (UK)18-20 May 2021
Marie Galante10-15 January 2021
Bridgetown (Barbados)20-25 January 2021
Deshaies (Guadeloupe)1-5 February 2021
Anses d'Arlet (Martinique)10-15 February 2021
Saint George (Grenada)20-22 February 2021
Santa Marta (Colombia)1-5 March 2021
Puerto Morelos (Mexico)15-20 March 2021
Horta (Azores)4-8 May 2021
L'Aber Wrac'h 21-23 May 2021
Penzance (UK)26-29 May 2021
Fécamp29-31 May 2021
Amsterdam (NL)7-9 May 2021