Guillaume Roche

Co-founder of the Blue Schooner Company, Master Mariner

In order to combine my passion for sailing and my work, I graduated as a Master Mariner and engineer at the French merchant navy school.

During my time at sea, I worked on various types of vessels:  general cargo, oil tankers, gas carriers, ferries, luxury cruise ships around the world and more recently, for 9 years, I worked on the ice breaker L’Astrolabe based in Australia ,providing logistic and scientific support for the french bases in antarctica.

As it became obvious that it was time to act against climate change and pollution I decided to  use my experience and knowledge to offer a non polluting way of transporting freight, passengers and scientists at sea by co-founding the Blue Schooner Company.

Jean-François Lebleu

Co-founder of the Blue Schooner Company, Master Mariner, owner of the schooner Gallant.

Jeff has been in love with the sea and sailing boats for all his life, skippering many traditional sailing boats of various sizes. He went to the Merchant Marine school in Le Havre and at the end of his studies got his unllimited Captain and Chief Engineer’s ticket. He then sailed for several years on different types of merchant ships, from ferry ships to ice breakers, including oceanographic research vessels.

Being convinced of the necessity for a change in our way of carrying goods, by Creating the Blue Schooner Company in 2017 Jeff found a way to combine his passion for sailing, his professional skills, and his environmental concerns. He loves sharing his experience and passion for the sea.